After a long day of work and the packed train ride in Tokyo, you might not want to look at another human being or talk to them. In that case, my restaurant suggestion to you is ICHIRAN RAMEN. This restaurant has create a system which minimize an interaction between you and a waitress as much as possible. You will have a meal experience where you won’t have to say a word!
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The first thing you see when you enter the restaurant is a vending machine where you can buy your food tickets. The restaurant only serves one type of ramen which is Tonkotsu Ramen, so it won’t be complicated for you to choose. Then you’ll get to choose your seats though the seating panel where you can see which seat is available. After choosing your seat, you can walk right in and you will be seated at one seat table that has a little wall between the person next to you. Then you will get this listing paper where you can choose how you would like your ramen cooked. (softness of noodle, thickness of soup, spiciness, etc.)
The ramen was one of the best ramen I’ve ever had in Japan. It is southern style pork bone soup, thin noodle and rich flavor of soup. I can easily eat two bowls of these. 
ichiran-a-ramen (1)After you finish your meal, you can just leave the table without saying a word or you can say “ごちそうさまでした” (gochisousamadeshita, meaning “Thanks for the food”) I did say a word before I leave because I felt rude not doing so. What do you think about this restaurant system? Let me know at the comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts!
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