3 Seasons Drive In Restaurant Mahtomedi MN

Fun at 4 Seasons Drive In Restaurant: Mahtomedi,MN

4 seasons mahtomedi mn

If you enjoy simplicity and value, 4 Seasons Drive-In Restaurant is the place for you. I always pop in here when I’m visiting my mum in Mahtomedi, MN and I’m a confessed sucker for their chicken. After much raving my friend asked me to take her there and simply put, she was awed. We arrived there at around 12.30 pm and settled on the counter because she was on a drinking mood. Being a local I knew they indulge visitors with their own root beer and give free refills so I ordered two turkey sandwiches first. The waitress was back in a flash with our sandwiches and we stuffed our faces ready to have some fun.
Am still impressed by how friendly these people are. All the waiters stopped for a short chat and to know if we were okay. Though there is always pop music playing on the back ground, the place is otherwise very pleasant and cool. After a few mugs of the amazing root beer, I started getting weird cravings of everything I saw passing. We consulted a few servers who found this very amusing and they said they will make us a platter of everything. What came after a short 25 minutes was a huge tray of deliciously seasoned fries, half roasted chicken, two club sandwiches and a side of coleslaw.
This place has been in existence since my parents were kids and the quality of food has not changed a bit. They have done a few upgrades here and there to create a better atmosphere and bigger parking but the essence of a fast diner still remains. The history of Mahtomedi is alive in this place with many pictures on their wall and the employees have no problem explaining them to visitors.
We stayed there until a little after dark because my friend couldn’t stop hitting on a young barman so we got to enjoy some nice dance performance and the evening banana pie. It was my first time to be here in the evening and I was surprised by how packed it gets at that hour. The whole neighborhood was there and it felt like a family gathering with easy laughter and great conversations with everyone. At some point during the night it was hard to differentiate between visitors, locals and waiters. Everyone was having so much fun and the root beer was flowing.
It was tempting to stay there over night but we had to go. The waiter taking care of us tried to convince us to come for breakfast. Apparently they make the best pancakes and ham scramble of eggs, ham and cheese. After we declined his offer he handed us the bill and to our surprise we had spent way less than we expected. Their prices are extremely fair and this made me order their fantastic soup so I can sober up to drive. A jar of root beer was packed for my friend and she still talks about it to date.
For two town girls who enjoy fast food, we really enjoyed ourselves in this small diner that has passed the test of time. It is clean, convenient and the service is impeccable.

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