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Dynamic Minnesota Level 3 Sex Offender Dashboard

Here is a graphical representation of the State of Minnesota’s Level 3 Sex Offender database which you can view in a much less interesting format here.

BUYER BEWARE: the data used to generate this report is fluid in nature and I make no guarantees as to the accuracy of the reporting that lies below. That said, this data is updated regularly (probably weekly to begin with but it may go longer as I can’t imagine the L3 offender list grows quickly) and the charts are updated along with it. Please feel free to check back as often as you like:

Minneapolis Metro Holiday Light Display Map

Click here to add another location to the map!

[You can also view the raw list in HTML or CSV!]

Looking for the best holiday lights locations in the Minneapolis Metro this Christmas season? Well look no further because you have found your one stop shop for the best user submitted locations in and around the Minneapolis area and beyond! My wife and I spent some time on Thursday and Friday touring both long time favorites and newly found light displays that are worthy of a look and placed them on a map, with photos where applicable, for you to reference and enjoy–even from the comfort of your own home! While the StarTribune used to have a list which was accessed via the Star Tribune’s website, they no longer maintain the page and thus this is the only place you can get your fix in an easy to access manner!

Unfortunately there are a lot of homes out there that we may not know about and that’s where you all come in. I have created a nice form which you can fill out and submit your own favorites which will show up on the map within 15 minutes and all you need is a street address! (please note: user submissions are limited to the general area surrounding the MSP metro, locations outside of the area will be ignored automatically). If you have a picture of the house, feel free to add a link to it (hosted anywhere on the Internet but please make sure you have permission if the photo is not yours!) when you fill out the form!

So go ahead and scroll around the map below clicking on the points to see some photos and let me know what you think. I already have some nice plans for next year including ratings, the ability to upload photos, and a few more fun ones. If you have any of your own suggestions on what I can do to better the holiday light map for the Minneapolis metro go ahead and comment on as I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Dakota County Criminal Complaints Mapped

Following a recent post about a fight/robbery taking place following a minor motor vehicle accident along Highway 13 in Burnsville, I posted a link to my text based archive of Dakota County Criminal Complaints that I have been compiling automatically since sometime last year. bb stacker commented saying he was surprised of the ages of those accused in the crime. I was intrigued to find out exactly how old the general Dakota County offender is and wrote a couple of quick scripts which I thought would be able to pull the information down that I needed.

Well, while I was able to get some of the birthdates with my quick and dirty attempts, I wasn’t able to effectively pull them all. In fact, I only got about a 1/3 of them and I really don’t care to spend much more time on it. With the data I did retrieve the median age is about 28 which isn’t all that young I suppose but again, that data is from a small and error prone sample and is more or less useless.

Looking over the data that I had available to me, I did notice that I would be able to easily obtain the address information provided. So, I first pulled out the hometown city, state, and zipcode of each of the criminal complaints going back as far as I could (12/17/2007). Numerous complaints exist which do not include any valid address information at all and as such, any of those incomplete complaints were dropped. In the end I had over 1450 addresses to work from and have mapped them out for your viewing pleasure. Make sure you check out the regional view as well as the national. Please be aware that these aren’t 100% and shouldn’t be used for homework assignments, letters to your mother, or anything else of even moderate importance as this was only a fun exercise for me to do after I finished up my work this afternoon. Cool? Good.

In addition to the maps I have provided, I took the top 20 zip codes’ raw data and have pasted them here just to give you a more exact idea of where people live who are being arrested most often in the South Metro.

Zip       City       Count
55337       Burnsville       136
55124       Apple Valley       106
55075       South Saint Paul       96
55033       Hastings       93
55024       Farmington       76
55044       Lakeville       66
55118       St. Paul       64
55068       Rosemount       59
55122       Eagan       51
55076       Inver Grove Heights       49
55123       Eagan       33
55306       Burnsville       30
55077       Inver Grove Heights       28
55107       West St. Paul       24

You can continue to read the Dakota County Criminal Complaint text archive which I maintain and update daily at 1PM CST. There are some really interesting reads there (as some of you have undoubtedly noticed) and I encourage you to keep up with the happenings in the South Metro either there or through the official Dakota County interface available here which provides you with the information for the last year in PDF format only.

If you have any thoughts on the topic of crime in the South Metro or what I did above, feel free to comment on, I’d love to hear what you think!

South Metro Crime Incident Mapping

I was surfing the web looking for recent crime reports from the Apple Valley, Lakeville, Rosemount area that would be better than what’s available from the Star Tribune South Metro and the Pioneer Press’ Dakota County sections.

I can’t say I’m terribly pleased by the fact that I can’t find an easy to read and up-to-date listing on Apple Valley’s website (fuck, who am I kidding, they don’t even keep their City Council agendas and minutes up-to-date) but I did locate a pretty nice map of Lakeville’s crime incidents over the last 90 days. Being that the map was done by LOGIS I figured that other local police departments had to be hooked up with this application as well. After plugging in the obvious URLs, I found that you can check out crime incident maps for several other areas including Apple Valley, Eagan, and Farmington. I wasn’t able to get Rosemount even though the city is a member of LOGIS.

If anyone knows of a place that I can locate a text copy of up-to-date crime information other than the Pioneer Press or Star Tribune, please post it below, thanks.