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First Amendment Poll

Constitution in the National Archives originally uploaded by Mr. T in DC

Last week’s poll asked if you were tired of winter yet and, not surprisingly, the vast majority of people said they were indeed tired of winter. Well folks, bad news for you but we’re getting even more snow this week. Boo! JUST MAKE IT STOP.

This week’s poll comes after reading this article in Wired‘s Threat Level blog which talks of a man who was arrested and charged with a crime for violating the District of Columbia’s ‘unlawful entry’ statute. His argument that his First Amendment rights were violated supposedly do nothing but help the government’s case because they argue the Supreme Court building is a “First Amendment Free Zone”.

From the article:

A Florida man deserved to be arrested inside the Supreme Court building last year for wearing a jacket painted with “Occupy Everything,” and is lucky he was only apprehended on unlawful entry charges, the Department of Justice says.

The President Barack Obama administration made that assertion in a legal filing in response to a lawsuit brought by Fitzgerald Scott, who is seeking $1 million in damages for his January 2012 arrest inside the Supreme Court building. He also wants his arrest record expunged.


Fitzgerald was not disturbing anybody, but was repeatedly told by court staff to leave the building or remove the coat. Outside the building, about a dozen “Occupy” protesters were arrested.

While there are definitely limitations for how you are permitted to express your First Amendment rights (i.e. shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded theater), is it really appropriate to be forcibly removed from the building where these rights are determined for doing exactly the same thing and having the government claim it’s a building where you have no such right?

What do you think about this one? Are you surprised the government is trying to argue there are no First Amendment rights in the Supreme Court building? Are the guy’s demands reasonable? Do you think his actions constituted reason for him to be arrested regardless of the government’s stance? Whatever you have to say about this one go ahead and comment on below and vote on the sidebar as I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Tired of Winter Yet Poll

Last week’s poll asked about whether or not you were an oatmeal fan and even my mother responded (hi mom!). While I continue to hate oatmeal and The Rooster loves it, assuming it’s made by his mother and not me, other people seem to enjoy it as well. While I won’t tell you what breakfast foods to eat, I’ll stick to Clyde’s reply that oatmeal stout is pretty good ;-)

This week’s poll comes after I read the Savage Pacer‘s Police calls from the Feb. 23 edition. It would appear that someone, probably tired of winter, decided to make a monument to their disappointment with the seemingly never-ending snow this year:


Feb. 11: A man from Savage reported that someone had created an obscene snow structure at Hidden Valley Park, 5000 block of 132nd Street. There are no suspects.

While we have no idea what that obscene gesture was, I have a mental image of what one could be considering I’d love to express my own frustration and hatred of the seemingly daily snowfalls through that method. Yet, I assume most people would probably chuckle or, if they were particularly disturbed by the image it provided, would have destroyed it themselves–it’s snow after all.

Are you tired of winter? So tired that you would create an obscene snow structure to show your hatred? Are you enjoying this hellish and never-ending winter? Why?!!?! If you saw an obscene snow structure would you call the police or would you just destroy it yourself and save yourself the tax dollars and reduced police coverage for real crime? Whatever you have to say about this one go ahead and comment on below and vote on the sidebar as I’d love to know your thoughts.

Oatmeal Poll

oatmeal originally uploaded by Nate Steiner

Last week I didn’t author a poll, the first missed post in more years than I can count (probably 4+) because I just didn’t feel like it. No, it didn’t feel good to skip a day but it happened and I’m still working to ensure that I don’t do it again. So, here I am back at it again at 6:19 AM on a Sunday morning before we take a long day trip, fun!

This week’s poll comes after I fed The Rooster some oatmeal and he wasn’t having it. After feeding the rest of the bowl to him myself, The Wife pointed out that I simply was not making it correctly. Apparently the way I ate it growing up, which may have been why I hated it, was that it was fairly runny. The way that The Rooster usually eats it is apparently “hard”. I apologized for not knowing how to make oatmeal in The Wife’s way and went about my day.

The question for you today is, if you like oatmeal at all (yuck), do you prefer to eat it watery or thick? Did you eat it one way and later change to a different method? Are you like me and ate it as a kid but avoid it at all costs now that you’re an adult (heck, I hate all cereal)? What’s your favorite way to make oatmeal? Do you do instant or do you make it from scratch? Whatever you have to say about this one go ahead and vote on the sidebar and then comment on below as I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Buying Informercial Items Poll

I spent the weekend at Sank’s cabin with my employees for a team building, ice fishing weekend. It was during this event that we spent quite a bit of time eating (Sank makes some mean Bambi meatballs!), drinking, and watching campy crap on TV such as Svengoolie. It was during a replay of The Wolfman that we saw a commercial for “The Pocket Hose” which, when your mind is in the gutter, is absolutely hilarious.

However hilarious, I had to wonder whether anyone has ever bought anything they saw on TV. While I don’t remember buying anything I’ve seen on TV direct from the informercial, I believe we have ended up with a variety of products over the years which were either bought in brick and mortar stores later or recreations of those sold elsewhere. After watching this particular spot all I ended up doing was laughing, hysterically while making juvenile jokes, not buying.

So what about you? Have you ever bought anything from TV informercials directly? What about after the fact? What is your favorite “As Seen on TV” item? Whatever you have to say about this one go ahead and vote on the sidebar and the comment on below as I’d love to hear what you have to say.