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Bachelor Party!

Out with Josh, Aaron, and Matt for my a-typical bachelor party. Aaron picked a couple of great locations that included great food, beer, and Golden Tee. We started out at Kieran’s Irish Pub and I had the pot roast dinner (as did Matt) and enjoyed the perfect Guinness pour as well as a nice glass of Glenlivet Scotch.

After that we headed to Rosen’s Bar and Grill in the Warehouse District for Golden Tee and lots of drinking. After a great game of GT there (everyone was -6 or better with Josh winning at -19) we headed to Brother’s for more driking and GT Live. After a stop at Pizza Luce for some food we headed to Aaron’s for a Cuban cigar and some drinks.

Aaron drove Josh and I home and I promptly passed out at 3am. Only to awaken less than 3.5 hours later for breakfast w/the folks.

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Savvi Formalwear: Burnsville, MN

Well, Kimmy had chosen Savvi Formalwear as our tuxedo rental location. The particular store we went to was in the Burnsville Center mall in Burnsville, MN. Based on my previous experience with formalwear shops, I felt that the staff was made up of mostly underaged girls with no formalwear experience and very little attention to detail.

I went and picked up the tuxes after work on Thursday and tried on the shoes which were way too large. I spent 15 minutes waitng for them to get me another pair that finally worked. I put the jacket on and it was fine. I didn’t bother with the rest. Bad mistake… When Kim’s parents arrived on Friday she had her father try on the tux. Nothing fit except the shoes and he was missing the extra fancy button covers. I was then directed to make sure the rest worked. The shirt was too tight in the neck but the rest was ok.

Kimmy and her father go to get remeasured and order the new stuff including a shirt that was a size larger for me. It was supposed to be in on Saturday morning by 10:30am. Everything came in except my shirt. Ugh. They gave me one w/an expander button and we will deal with that if necessary.

If you are getting married, I believe that you should try and avoid Savvi Formalwear in Burnsville. I have no alternative to offer but I must say that, in my opinion, you should not consider Savvi in Burnsville as one of your options.

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Buffalo Wild Wings (BW3): Apple Valley, MN

Out with Aaron and my college roommate Josh, who is in town for the wedding, at Buffalo Wild Wings in Apple Valley, MN. We spent the evening playing Golden Tee, drinking beer, and generally pwning. I got a hole in one but sucked otherwise.

After Aaron left, Josh and I went to Applebees and closed the bar down.

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Weekend Wrap-up

Friday I met up with Kimmy downtown for some food and a long walk. We toured the skyways which, in the past, I had only briefly experienced after-hours. On a Friday afternoon they are *packed* with people moving from building to building and finding a place to eat, shop, or relax.

This particular day, Kimmy suggested we eat at Potbelly Sandwich Works located in the IDS Center. The place was absolutely packed with hungry pedestrians but Kimmy assured me the line would move fast. After surviving the shouting match while placing my order over the noise in the place, we made it up to the serving line and received our sandwiches. Over all, they were pricey ($14.40 for two of them and two pops), and they were a bit small. We ate the sandwiches in the open area below the restaurant.

While eating, we were approached by a representative of the Fresh Air Campaign which is a group funded by various anti-smoking sources who are interested in finding out the public’s feelings about the Hennepin County smoking ban. Thankfully we were only required to give our first name and our thoughts on the ban. Kimmy and I are both for the smoking ban and were happy to help. We got a couple free mints for our hard work during lunch ;)

Saturday was a busy day. We started out at the MnGCA Breakfast Buddies Event in Burnsville at 8am. We enjoyed the morning of chit-chat and eating but couldn’t do any after-breakfast caching because Kimmy had an appointment in Eagan for her nails and hair dye. While she was there I continued my quest of cleaing the garage and preparing the cardboard recycling. After picking up Kim from that she had an appointment at LensCrafters for her glasses and contacts. Because the eye exam took so long I had no time to finish the garage before meeting up w/Aaron and some others at Old Chicago in Roseville. I spent the evening drinking some Redhook Autumn which was described by the waitress as “like running through a forest.” To me it just tasted like Sam Adams Summer Ale. What do I know?

Sunday was full of cleaning, recycling, and getting ready for the wedding. I finished the garage and carted the cardboard to Farmington for recycling. I swept out the garage and reorganized the boxes and shelving. Kimmy started doing some picking up inside and prep work for the centerpieces and gift bags. After an afternoon visit to the new Kowalskis on the corner of 46 and Cedar, we stopped at Target for some Rubbermaids, and then made dinner.

I was absolutley beat at the end of the night but at least a lot got done!

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