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krungthep thai menu


One of the advantages of living near Eat Street in Minneapolis, MN is the many amazing restaurants. I am not big on cooking since am single so I decided to try it all. It took me four days to get to Krungthep Thai Restaurant and long story short I haven’t entered the next place yet. Their menu is vast and everything I order randomly everyday just blows my mind. I have decided to try everything on their menu and two of my friends have joined this challenge. The atmosphere in this restaurant is simply great with small tables well arranged in two rooms. I should warn you though that the food is really spicy and they live up to the Thai reputation.
I noticed the first few days I went there that most people order the tofu because it’s crispy and really airy. Their red curry goes great with this and if you like noodles they have fantastic curry noddle soup. They make the best rice entrees whether its white, pineapple or curry fried. If you like soups, I recommend their coconut range or chicken soup, they are simply divine. Other dishes I have seen mostly ordered include the chicken, pad Thai, spring rolls and the prawns and they all come with great Thai salads.
In the few days I have been here for lunch I have noticed a few faces I see every day. It seems once you acquire a taste for Thai food it’s really hard to shake it. It’s really amazing that the chef cooks your meal after you order so it comes out fresh and very hot. I thought it was me only because I have a small tummy but I noticed they serve such large portions that most ladies don’t clear their plates. Maybe another reason why people come back here over and over is because they custom make your food. The waiters are keen when taking your order and they allow the customer to make suggestions on the spices and amount or type of oil used. 
Unlike most joints on Eat Street, the service here is quite good and the waiters are friendly not to mention professional. Their prices are very reasonable compared to other Thai places and the food is worth more than you pay. If you value good food more than décor, this is the place for you.
I recommend you eat there instead of getting takeout so you can enjoy all the benefits but I hear their deliveries are also great. The downside to this place is that parking is limited but other than that you will get heaven on earth-and for a song too!

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