Marcus Rosemount Cinema Rosemount MN

Marcus Cinema, Rosemount
You want to watch a movie and enjoy it like you are on the set? How about Marcus Cinemas? There have been renovations going on and saying the place has gotten a new look would be to grossly understate the real thing. It’s amazing in there. The ambience is quite different from your usual movie theater. From the service, the snacks and the mega screens , this is the place for movie date.
Mega screens and regal seating arrangements
Now, what else makes a movie theater great if not the size of the screens and how you seat? Among the renovations was the addition of reclining leather seats. These together with the screens and digital surround sound set the mood just right for a movie. The movie theater has 10 top-of-the-range auditoriums, which all have the DreamLounger seats and DLX screens. 
Food and beverage are taken care of
The movie experience at Marcus Theaters is like no other and the Rosemount cinema is no exception. If you are going for a night at movies, then you don’t need to worry about food. You can enjoy dinner or simply just buy snacks, it’s whatever you like. The options for food and beverage come from a number of fast food restaurants such as Big Screen Bistro, Reel Sizzle, Zaffiro’s and Take Five Lounge. With the variety that is available, you can have anything you like and go ahead to watch the movie 
Ticket prices
The ticket prices are quite affordable. For adults general tickets go for $7.50 and $10.50 in the evening. For 3-D seating the ticket prices are $10.50 for Matinee seats which goes up to $13.50 in the evening. For children aged 3-11 the seat prices are $7.00 for general seats and $9.00 for 3-D seating. There is a special price for military people, which you can only get with valid ID so don’t leave it at home. The prices for these seats are $7.00 and $7.50 in the evening for general Matinee seats. The rate for 3-D seating is $10.00 and $10.50 in the evening. As for the seniors (60+ years) the rates for general and 3-D seats are $7.00 and $9.00 respectively.
Marcus Cinemas are at the fore front in providing a unique movie experience. Try it out with one of the new releases and see how it goes for you.  

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