Carmike 15 Apple Valley MN

Marcus Carmike 15 in Apple Valley, MN

A personal experience
Carmike 15 Apple Valley MN
I have been to many theaters in the recent past but none has impressed me quite as much as the Marcus Carmike 15 in Apple Valley, MN. I asked an employee where they have been hiding this place! He told me it has just been newly upgraded. Five stars for the comfortable dream loungers that cost no extra cost. The electric reclining seats are on every row whether you are VIP or not and they go all the way down. I saw people bringing blankets and cuddling there. 
It was amazing to finally visit a place where you can order a nice meal and enter with it inside the theater. On top of the usual popcorn and soda which by the way is really fresh, you can get some pizza or burgers and fries too. I was surprised to learn this because of how clean the theater is.
With part of their refurbishment being the big screens, watching a movie here was quite a treat. The combination of leaning chairs, high ceiling and huge screens make the pictures somehow burst to life before your very eyes. Though the theatre is generally small, it feels quite peaceful and there is no noise. The sound surround system is clear, just loud enough and equalized throughout the entire theater. You can also choose where you want to sit when you are buying the tickets and this makes for fast settling and less confusion.
Most of the common areas were redone too including the rest rooms and the huge parking area. I was quite impressed by the fast and super friendly employees because this is not common in most movie theaters. It is better to buy tickets online if you think you will be late but they play previews and adverts for the first twenty minutes to give everyone time to get in.
Though the seats are extremely comfortable, their ticket price is still cheaper than most of the other theaters around. I found out that you can sign up online or physically for the reward system they have. With this you can redeem your points and get free tickets once in a while. They have fantastic Tuesdays for their loyalty members where every three movie tickets come with 2 hotdogs and 3 popcorn for free.
I liked how easy it is to access this theatre and according to the guy I talked to, they are still in the middle of upgrading. More IMAX screens are on the way and the sound system will be even better.

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