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Burnsville Bar Hopping Dad Leaves Kid at Home

According to this PIoneer Press article, a Burnsville father is accused of leaving his four year old daughter at home alone while he went out to a local bar with a woman who was not his wife.

From the article:

According to the criminal complaint:

The neighbor contacted Burnsville police 12:20 a.m. Thursday and said the girl had been there for about an hour.

He first thought Moore had left briefly to take home a babysitter or run an errand, but couldn’t find him at home and called police as time wore on.


Police got Moore’s license plate number and searched parking lots of local bars for his vehicle. They found him on the patio of a bar with a woman who was not the child’s mother.

The woman said Moore picked her up around 10 or 10:30 p.m. that night. She said she didn’t know Moore’s daughter was home alone.

That timeline, combined with receipts from the bar, meant the girl was home alone for at least two hours and possibly 3-1/2 hours.

What would you do in this instance? Would you have waited an hour to call the police? Do you think it’s ever appropriate to leave your child alone at home sleeping while you go out somewhere? If you do, what distance from your home is acceptable? What timeframe? Whatever you have to say about this one go ahead and comment on as I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Ground Round: Farmington, MN

Image courtesy of reader Greg

According to a report from reader Greg, the location which used to house Blondie’s Tavern along MN-3 in Farmington is soon going to be a Ground Round (September 2013).

Obviously Farmington’s plans to hire a $30,000 marketing consultant is even more successful than they thought because before they could even get started it is already working! Farmington is going to be getting one of the world’s most well known chains! Even Burnsville used to have a Ground Round 10 years ago before it was replaced by a restaurant serving root beer ketchup! We’re talking Burnsville 10 years ago people; this is really big news for Farmington! Seriously, Burnsville had a K-mart. A K-mart! Imagine the possibilities if K-mart came to Farmington. Yes, it’s really that big of a deal!

If you’re not quite convinced yet at how successful the Ground Round in Farmington will be, just check out the menu. I don’t even want you to look at the names or descriptions even though a sandwich named ‘Steak Bomb’ just sounds so tempting. Just look over the pictures on the menu, especially the one circulating at the top of the menu page. I mean, gorgeous golden frozen french fries, well-done meats avoiding all that juicy and runny mess, pale shrimp which would be devoid of that terrible shrimp flavor? WHAT IS THERE NOT TO LOVE ABOUT THIS COMING TO FARMINGTON?

People, when Ground Round arrives in Farmington you can bet your first born that I will be waiting in the line which will wrap all the way into their foyer from the hostess’ podium to be one of the first to be served the wonders which lie on its menu. I mean why would I ever go to another local Mexican restaurant in the area when I can get Tex Mex at the Ground Round?! THIS IS A NO-BRAINER!

What do you think about the Ground Round coming to Farmington? Are you as excited as I am? What is your favorite menu item on a restaurant which would bring Farmington to Burnsville 10 years ago? Whatever you have to say about this one go ahead and comment on below as I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Ground Round
20700 Chippendale Ave
Farmington, MN, 55024

Roasted Pear: Burnsville, MN

Several years ago I gave a pretty decent review to the Roasted Pear in Burnsville. While the food we had there was in no way mind-blowing, it was decent; however, we never went back because it wasn’t really a place we ever gave much thought to. Tonight, after a nearby stop at the doctor for The Koala (no worries, just teething), we swung over to The Roasted Pear to cash in on their fairly extensive and reasonably priced happy hour specials.

We arrived at around 5:15 and found most of the restaurant empty. There were a few people at the bar drinking the boring domestics they had on tap and a few scattered tables, mostly around the outside of the restaurant, populated with people eating early. We ordered several items off the happy hour menu: the wings (buffalo comes on the side), the three sliders (pulled pork, cheeseburger, and chicken sandwich), a spicy giardiniera pizza with sausage, and an order of sweet potato fries. Their happy hour specials range between $4 and $7 and we ordered items from each level. FYI, their online menu seems a little out of date to what we were provided last evening and some of those options were either not available or were slightly modified from what you will see on their website.

The food was out in a reasonable amount of time and came to the table looking like what I would expect from a Sysco-truck-to-table restaurant. The sweet potato fries were abundant but obviously came from a bag. They were accompanied by ketchup and their ‘signature’ root beer ketchup. Now, I want you to stop for a moment and take some time to think about what just went through your mind when you heard “root beer ketchup”. Whatever shock or horror came to mind would never, ever, ever even come close to preparing you for the horrendous flavor which would erupt in your mouth when you dipped one of those previously frozen sweet potato fries in this disgusting concoction and then decided it would be safe to eat. I really have to wonder who thought that up and whether they actually ate the stuff afterward because, if they had, they would NEVER have served it to anyone. SO. UNBELIEVABLY. GROSS.

The Slider Trio were nothing special at all. I have seen previously frozen White Castle hamburgers which looked to be more appetizing than these three. While I didn’t bother to taste any of them, the overdone cheeseburger looked grey and droopy with a tiny bit of cheese; the chicken sandwich looked like a dried frozen patty; and while the pulled pork was said to be the best of the three, it looked like it came straight from a microwaved Lloyd’s bucket instead of from the corner of the wood-fired oven.

The wings were meaty but tasted off and had the texture of frozen wings defrosted and cooked in an oven instead of the crisp and flavorful wings they should have been either from the wood-fired oven or a grill. While the wings were edible, their version of Buffalo sauce was not. I don’t know how anyone could screw up Buffalo like they did but even though it looked like buffalo, it tasted like spicy tea and the weak bleu cheese dressing did absolutely nothing to save this eye-watering disappointment. It was right about this time that I realized why the restaurant and bar were empty…it’s because the place is horrendous. However, the pizza was the only decent item we had last night. While it was doughy, undercooked, and looked like a frozen Target-brand pizza, the giardiniera was not oily, the truly spicy pieces were large and could have been confused with being homemade, and the sausage was abundant. I enjoyed the pizza for $5 but they need to utilize that wood-fired oven to make the crust crisp and charred, not bring it down to its other miserable happy hour counterparts by appearing as a pale and sick previously-frozen pizza.

Overall Roasted Pear has really gone down hill in the last few years and we wouldn’t be surprised if they close their doors soon. The most surprising part of the entire evening was that not one single employee asked us what we thought of the food. While the service was fine, they spent most of their time huddled in the kitchen and service area chatting instead of trying to make the experience better. Great service when the place is empty is one thing but when the food is borderline inedible, it doesn’t make for a pleasant experience and more should be done to remedy that situation. Honestly, I’d rather have eaten at Ernie’s Pub. Yeah, it was really that bad.

Roasted Pear
14200 Nicollet Ave
Burnsville, MN 55337


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Crooked Pint Ale House: Apple Valley, MN

Pints of Beer originally uploaded by Simon Cocks

According to the Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce, Minneapolis’ Crooked Pint Ale House is joining Valley Tap House in building a sister location in Apple Valley.

Located over by the world famous and unbelievably incredible Pizza Ranch by the most pointless SuperTarget ever and the 5 million dollar, city-owned liquor store that has more neon than Las Vegas, this is the latest addition to an area which the Chamber calls an area “gaining steam”.

From the article:

Apple Valley will soon have a reputation of even a greater variety of Craft Beers on tap.

Crooked Pint Ale House, currently not far from the Gutherie in downtown Minneapolis, will be building just to the east of the new Pizza Ranch just south of Target on Pilot Knob. They are known for their bands as well as for example in a few weeks they have Navarro who wrote “We Belong” for Pat Benatar. They are awaiting the public hearing process for final approval. They have over 35 Tap Beers, plus all the scores of bottled options. Their menu is varied from a Peanut Butter Bacon Lucy Burger to Alaskan Ale Burger; sandwiches and dinner from Walleye to NY Strip, potroast, meatloafs etc.

With the new traffic signal there, Pizza Ranch, GoodScents Deli, the Liquor Store and Think Bank, this area seems to be gaining steam if you were thinking about opening a business in this new commercial sector.

The menu is very similar to just about any other bar that’s serving a mix of out-of-the-bag and barely house-made items. While this new place will definitely and directly impact VTH’s business, we’ll have to see how the food does as, currently, VTH’s menu (and it’s sad to say this) is probably the best in Apple Valley and their beer specials are impossible to beat.

What do you think about a new restaurant opening in Cobblestone? After many years of being totally vacant, are you surprised and/or happy that it’s starting to build up and finally add a non-national chain restaurant? Do you think it will fare as well as VTH or end up the redheaded step child of its sister location like Burger Jones? Whatever you have to say about this one go ahead and comment on as I’d love to hear your thoughts.