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Doomsday Prepping Poll

Last week’s poll asked about lying. We have recently started employing our own ironic lie against our son to tell him that when he lies his tongue turns black. Anytime we know he’s telling one story or another we ask him to stick out his tongue and tell him it’s black; he gets embarrassed and admits he wasn’t truthful. Ironic and awful, perhaps but awesome none-the-less.

This week’s poll comes after The Wife had a little marathon of Doomsday Preppers episodes from Amazon. I had seen the show before while traveling for work and found it nothing but hilarious, The Wife agreed. As you can see from the apparent full episode on YouTube above, it’s something else. However, one of the episodes she was watching noted that 25% of Americans have done absolutely nothing to prepare for some sort of large scale issue which may lead to the “end of the world”.

So the question for this week is whether you are one of the 25% who have done nothing or one of the 75% who has done something. If you have done something, what is it? Do you stockpile weapons, food, and items to prepare for some unlikely eventual end to the world such as volcanic ash from a volcano which has a quoted .0000000014% chance of exploding our lifetime? If you don’t, is it because you’re lazy or because you simply feel that a few extra months on this Earth fighting supposed cannibalism just isn’t your cup of tea?

Whatever you have to say about this one go ahead and vote on the sidebar and then comment on below as I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Lying Poll

Pinocchio’s Daring Journey originally uploaded by Loren Javier

Last week’s poll asked about retirement planning and if people were doing it, not doing it, or just flat out thought it was hilarious to even consider retirement. Based on all the talk in the media and with random people, I was surprised at the number of people who are comfortable where they are at for retirement. It’s not that it’s a bad thing, most certainly not, but it’s still surprising–especially after the crash.

This week’s poll was submitted by a reader. They submitted:

Of late, I have realized that a friend of mine lies rather frequently; lies that will likely be caught and that don’t really do anything positive for this person.

Do most, all, none…whatever, of people lie somewhat regularly? To what end/purpose? Have they been caught? How do they react when caught? What do their friends/loved ones do about it? Or, is everyone lying much of the time and we should all just be cool about it?

Whatever you have to say go ahead and vote on the sidebar and then comment on below. After you do both of those things feel free to check out our expired polls in the archive or read through the previous posts about polls here.

Retirement Poll

Retirement originally uploaded by Tax Credits

Last week’s poll asked about whether people continued their education. The vast majority of respondents noted they had already done it with some saying they were currently doing it. I’m all done and happy that I am; however, I am 99.999% sure it won’t do all that much for me.

This week’s poll comes after The Wife started attending a monthly group of women who talk about better money management and future estate planning. Their meetings cover a single topic each month such as financial planning, wills, etc and are led by local experts in each field. The information she has brought home has us thinking differently about our investments and how we want to move forward with our money in the future.

So the question for you this week is have you started saving for retirement and do you think it’s enough? Are you just using 401k (or their equivalents) or are you looking into other methods for your retirement? Are you more realistic and know you will be working in some capacity until you’re dead? Whatever you have to say about this one go ahead and comment on below and vote on the sidebar.

Continuing Education Poll

This Friday I complete the coursework for my Masters in Public Administration that I’ve been working through since December of 2009. For the majority of this program I was working for Capella University and one of the benefits of being employed there was free education. Once I left, about a year ago, I had to pay for the remainder of my classes, which I began to do since it wasn’t worth it to just stop the program with only a handful of courses remaining.

The reason I went into the MPA program was my interest in the public sector and the generally ridiculous decisions which I believe are made by both staff and politicians alike. I honestly believed that I would be able to change the world and have it run differently if I was able to provide some direction. However, as I progressed I realized that there are probably thousands just like me who went in believing they could bring something good to the process and ended up bogged down by politics and pressure. Also, in the several years since I began, my career goals have changed significantly and while public service would be great for the soul, it would not feed the mouths I have to feed as well as continuing my work in IT/analytics.

Honestly the entire process seems worthless to me now. Have I wasted years of my life on yet another degree which I will never put to good practice?

How about you? Are you or are you planning to continue your education? Are you going to complete your GED or move into post-secondary work as an undergraduate, masters or PhD student? Why? Do you worry that as you work through your education the reasons you had for starting may change by the end? Are you worried about costs and benefit? Has the job market and world changed over the last decade to the point where continuing education just isn’t what it used to be? Whatever you have to say about this one go ahead and vote on the sidebar and comment on below as I’d love to hear your thoughts.