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Should Newspapers Shield Children?

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In a recent Savage Pacer Letter to the Editor a Savage resident complains that ‘explicit language’ used in an article about a convicted sex offender being caught with a thirteen year old girl in a Prior Lake city park was “nothing less than pornography”.

From the Letter to the Editor:

The explicit language used to describe the actions of this man was nothing less than pornography in our public newspaper. I would not want my teenage son to read this article. The words “inappropriate touch” could have gotten the same message across.

If a person wants to read the sexual details, they can be found online with the police reports. I will be cancelling my subscription and urge other to do the same.

The original article in question states:

The girl told police that she told Sanders she was 15 years old. She said she met him online, then in person on June 8. They went to a movie and then to Lakefront Park, where he put his hand down her pants and penetrated her with his finger. He brought her home to her house in Savage around 5 a.m.

Sanders picked up the girl at her house again the next night around 11 p.m. They drove around and ended up back at Lakefront Park, kissing under the gazebo. Sanders allegedly placed his hand on the girl’s breast over her shirt. They saw a police car drive through the parking lot and hid. After the police car drove away, they got into Sanders’ car and tried to drive away, but were stopped by Schaefer.

According to the complaint, Sanders admitted to police that he was a convicted sex offender, and that he met the girl online and was “90-percent sure she was 15.” He admitted that he touched the under-part of her breast and that he put his hand down her pants and put his finger inside her vagina while at Lakefront Park.

While Dakota County censors some criminal complaints and an unofficial majority of readers back in 2011 agreed with Dakota County’s decision, is it a newspaper’s responsibility to censor the graphic details of a crime just so some of its readers are more comfortable with altered facts?

What do you think about this one? Did the newspapers in question (both the Pacer and the Prior Lake paper which are owned by the same company) publish something akin to pornography as the letter writer claims or is it the job of journalists to deliver straight and hard facts? Would you cancel your newspaper subscription over something like this? Whatever you have to say about this one go ahead and comment on as I’d love to hear what you have to say.

$120,000 Dog Park in Hanrehan? Really?

According to this Burnsville Patch article, a new $120,000 dog park supported by user fees may be constructed on a 3.5 acre parcel near one of the trailheads to Murphy Hanrehan Park Reserve.

From the article:

The total projected cost is over $120,000, to be split between Savage, Scott County and the Three Rivers Park District, which owns and maintains the reserve. About $66,000 of the total would go toward park infrastructure (fencing, drinking fountain, concrete walk pads, and a pay kiosk). An additional $60,000 is needed to pave the road and a bituminous trail running nearby.

There is already another dog park located in Savage which is a barebones operation and free for users. It consists of a fenced in area and a trash can for people to place their pet’s waste. With people using simple affairs not requiring an investment of $120,000, some may wonder whether it is worth the expense of paving roads, trails, and adding other items for something which is totally unnecessary for dogs.

I have a dog. He’s just as happy to pee on a random spot of grass where some other dog has been as he is to run around in a fenced in area that cost $120,000 to put up. This expense is not only unnecessary from a financial standpoint, the entire exercise is an unnecessary one.

What do you think about this one? Do you utilize dog parks? Why? Do you think it’s right for taxpayers to have to foot a $120,000 bill to build a 3.5 acre fenced in land which will be used solely to allow dogs to poop and pee? Whatever you have to say about this one go ahead and comment on as I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Flavor at the Depot: Savage, MN

In a move which is unsurprising yet sad, the Savage City Council has agreed to allow yet another restaurant to fill the vacant space left by the Savage Depot Bistro. While the ownership/management of the Savage Depot Bistro had a variety of bad business decisions of their own which led to their (admittedly longer than I expected) demise, this new venture is dead from the get go.

The new restaurant known as “Flavor at the Depot” (or FLaVOR at the Depot as quoted by Burnsville Patch which would be even more ridiculous) will be a breakfast and lunch spot which means the two sisters opening the place are already shooting themselves in the foot by competing with nearby staple Windmill Cafe, but also because they’re not going to be able to sell enough meals after year one to make the ever-increasing rent:

From the Savage Pacer article:

The proposal reviewed by the EDC Wednesday requests a five-year lease with an option to renew for an additional five years. Proposed rent for the first six months would be $1 per month, then $500 per month for months seven through 12. The rent would increase in year two to $750 per month.

According to the Burnsville Patch article, the rent will continue increasing up to $1500 in year 5 which works out to an average of about $950/month over the five year term, something the City of Savage is unlikely to have to even think about.

The place is doomed from the start. It’s small, it has mandated limitations due to its historical state, it is in an area full of heavy competition from other well-established restaurants covering the entire gambit of types (Mexican, fast-food, bar, sports bar/wing joint, breakfast/lunch, etc), and most importantly, the name is simply awful.

What do you think about this one? Would you walk into a lease which you know is going to continue to increase over time eating away at whatever profits you were making? Do you think the City is being fair to the residents of Savage by charging a pittance for the first year? Do you think this one has any chance of making it knowing what they’re trying to do and the competition in the area? Whatever you have to say go ahead and comment on as I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Elko/New Market Residents Happy by Luck

According to this article in the Star Tribune, the first ever resident survey in Elko/New Market shows that residents are extremely happy with their city when compared to other similarly sized exurbs. However, the reason for their happiness seems to relate more to the fact that residents outside the city, located in the larger county, are footing the bill for much of what Elko/New Market needs.

From the article:

Despite a bare-bones police operation, with many hours covered by sheriff’s deputies, the city’s rating for police patrols is in the top 10 percent in the metro as a whole and the top 5 percent among exurbs, city officials say.


It’s part of Scott County, meaning it can take advantage of an aggressive program of sharing costly equipment and technology with the county and the three big suburbs to its north — things like excavators, which can cost a fortune yet be rarely used.

Listen, being fiscally conservative is a great thing and no one is complaining about a city which takes it seriously. However, while sharing less critical resources such as excavators makes sense and having access to the County’s services are part of paying taxes there, it seems almost wrong to rely on limited Sheriff resources while other cities have to fund their own large police departments to ensure proper coverage and then tout it as a great thing.

Elko/New Market has learned from many of the mistakes of its neighbors and is taking the proper approach to growth by waiting for actual need rather than confusing ‘need’ with ‘projection’. Still, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it and to brag about using the services of the county paid for by other much larger groups while claiming fiscal conservatism will likely rub some the wrong way.

What do you think about this one? Is Elko/New Market somewhere you’d like to live? Do you think they’re taking it a little too far when they are able to piggyback off the success of other local large suburbs by sharing resources and having to fund little of their own? Whatever you have to say about this one go ahead and comment on as I’d love to hear your thoughts.