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Favorite Olympic Sport Poll

Olympic flag flying outside Eland House originally uploaded by Department for Communities and Local Government

Last week’s poll asked how you dispose of prescription drugs. What was most surprising was that the majority of people who responded get rid of their drugs in some other method than was available but provided no clue as to what that was. If you were one of the ‘Other’ respondents, how do you get rid of your medications?

This week’s poll asks about your favorite Summer Olympics sport. While there are many ways to determine what the best Olympic sports are including views, attendance, number of athletes, discussions on social media, etc, a few events have always been considered the most popular usually with swimming, gymnastics, and track and field topping the lists.

I obviously prefer to watch swimming although this year it’s really incredibly annoying to have NBC pushing so very hard to create this artificial rivalry between Phelps and Lochte which those who have followed swimming over the years knew would eventually turn in Lochte’s favor–which it may finally have this year. The other problem is that with the time difference and the availability of online streaming of events hours before primetime, we know and likely have seen the results of important events long before NBC decides to show them. Boo NBC.

So what is/are your favorite Olympic sport(s)? Has your interest in Olympic sports changed throughout the years? Do you plan to do a lot of watching of the events live online, are you going to read about them only, or are you going to wait for NBC’s coverage during primetime? What do you think of the Olympic Committee dropping softball and baseball but leaving in other games like basketball?

Whatever you have to say about this one go ahead and comment on and vote on the side bar and then feel free to check out our expired polls in the archive or read through the previous posts about polls here.

2012 Summer Vacation: Cabin on Norway Lake

Normally around this time of year each summer we head to our condo in Hilton Head Island to spend time with family and friends during our annual summer vacation. Due to the stresses inherent in traveling with an infant less than two months old, The Wife asked that we not travel to our usual vacation location this year. Being that I truly believe vacation is a necessary part of any individual’s healthy work life and the fact that I love spending time with my family on trips, I suggested we come to some sort of compromise. This year we headed 2.5 hours west of the Metro to Norway Lake in the town of New London, MN and adjacent to Sibley State Park.

Below you will find a series of photos I took with my mobile phone (I am so very disappointed that I forgot my real camera) and processed with Instagram. While the quality is definitely not the best, I believe that these five photos really capture the joy we experienced on the lake over the last week. At the bottom, I have transcribed the entry I wrote in the cabin’s visitor journal so that our friend, who was gracious enough to allow us use of her cabin for a week, could live vicariously through our photos and journal entry for years to come.

Guest Sign Inn (sic) (Who): Kim, Bill, Billy, Cassidy

Visiting from (Where): Apple Valley, MN

Date (When) arrived: 7/21/2012 departed 7/27/2012

Purpose of your trip (Why): Summer Vacation 2012!

How I (we) traveled: Two cars b/c we had so much stuff!

The weather / temperature was: Hot & humid for the first 4.5 days (90s) and cooler (70s) for the rest of the week.

What I (we) did: Read books (Bill read 4, Kim 1 + many magazines, Billy (many, many times over)), fished, swam, listened to music, cooked/ate, napped, watch the sunset (gorgeous almost every night!), played w/toys, took lots of photos, went to New London & Willmar, caught bugs.

People I met: Next door neighbor on the 1st weekend.

Places I would recommend (restaurants, favorite meals, sites, shopping, entertainment): McKale’s in New London. We’d eaten there once before in 2003 during a trip to Sibley State Park. Had breakfast there again this week. Cute diner, friendly people, inexpensive.

Favorite moments / special highlights (fun): The best things for Bill were the absolutely stunning sunsets. Two of them were breathtaking. Also enjoyed throwing Billy off the dock & watching him swim back to the ladder time & time again. Kim’s was watching Bill, Billy, & Buddy silhouetted against the sunset while the three boys watched Billy’s 1st sunset. Billy’s favorite things: Blueberries for Sal, finding a toy rake in the lake, playing w/the large selection of brooms, playing w/the vacuum, and especially swimming in the lake while admiring the many boats.

While owning a cabin of our own is a lifelong dream we hope to someday soon realize, we were so very honored and excited to be allowed to enjoy this cute cabin on Norway Lake this year. It just makes us hope & dream that much harder.

The weather was gorgeous, the cabin adorable, & the memories unforgettable!

Thank you so much for sharing your piece of paradise w/us!

Bill, Kim, Billy, Cassidy Roehl

Did you take a summer vacation this year or are you planning to? If so what did you do or what will you do? Do you own your own cabin? How much time do you spend there every year? Have you ever taken a week or more at a time? Part of my dream is to spend entire summers there, working while I do, to get the most out of the space. What is your dream for your summer vacation location(s)? What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re on vacation (read, relax, cook, etc)? Whatever you have to say go ahead and comment on as I’d love to hear your thoughts.

How Often Do You Workout Poll

New Year’s Resolution 36/365 originally uploaded by Sasha Wolff

Last week’s poll asked whether you prefer paper or plastic when you’re grocery shopping. Even though some prefer those reusable grocery bags which harbor some bacteria, the majority responded either paper or both plastic and paper. We have a ready supply of reusable bags and when they’re in the car they get used, otherwise they end up right where we left them–empty.

This week’s poll come as a reminder to me that I need to stop being so lazy and get my butt back in the gym on a very regular basis. With a lot of traveling in the last month (PA, Vegas, and a geocaching trip with friends to South Dakota) we’ve been doing a lot of lazy eating and not much cooking. I have definitely begun to notice the lack of my usual eating habits taking its toll on me and my health. As such, it’s time to get back into the gym as frequently as humanly possible.

There are many reasons why I can’t go as often as I like, namely that I’m lazy but also work, school, the Rooster, and any number of other excuses I can come up with so I don’t have to go. Even though I haven’t recently been going much more than the 12 times a month I need to go to get my discount, I have been making a concerted effort to do everything to get back on track to be in the gym at least 4 days a week.

Last week I bought two new swimsuits for the summer. There’s nothing I love more than swimming laps outside in the summer. It’s a great way to start the day and it’s a great stress reliever. On Wednesday we took advantage of a 30% “deal” at Kohl’s and I picked up a new pair of sneakers. I hate the treadmill but at least a new pair of shoes helps ease me back onto it.

With a new goal of at least 4x a week at the gym, I have to wonder how often all of you go and workout. Do your habits change based on the time of the year? When you go how much time do you spend actually working out? Whatever you have to say about this one go ahead and comment on as I’d love to hear what you have to say.

WeekNIGHT Caching at Crystal Lake Park: Burnsville, MN

Last night I hosted my first WeekNIGHT Caching get together since May 10th, 2006 and suggested that everyone come down to the South Metro to do bflentje‘s cache Shrinky Dinks along the shores of Burnsville’s Crystal Lake Park.

I had found this cache with Kevin last week and while I didn’t enjoy myself all that much, I figured I would eliminate my displeasure by fucking with everyone else. While I had an idea of what this cache entailed before going for it, I was totally unprepared for the “adventure” so I at least gave everyone the warning that they should come stocked with gear that will help them do this cache. Two people came somewhat prepared and the rest did not. Two people weren’t going to go through with the find but I harped on one of them enough that they eventually did.

Afterwards I had suggested we go to Panino Brothers in Apple Valley for beer (it’s part of the WeekNIGHT Caching tradition for those of you that don’t know). There’s a nice selection on tap and the food is decent. There have been some complaints recently about slow service and Kim, who joined up with Chris and Laura there ahead of time, said she experienced just about everything people had been complaining about such as slow service which apparently hasn’t yet been resolved.

I arrived with Lucid and MN_Cavepeople and knowing that the service might be poky, ordered my beer at the bar. They had a PBR special last night — $2/glass. Woot! I did notice that even though I was ordering my beer at the bar, I still had to wait at one point while no one was directly manning the bar.

After most people left, we half talked, half forced, firstbass (that’s “first base”) into agreeing to do Sir_Zman’s Twin Cities Geocaching Podcast interview. Z had prepared some new and never before heard questions for firstbass and was pretty adamant that he would stick around and that his wife would definitely understand if he took a little longer getting home as long as he got the interview.

We moved over to the sitting area at Panino Brothers and Sir_Zman fired up his recording device and I used my camera to record the interview in its entirety, unedited, for everyone to see later. Sir_Zman’s podcast is family friendly and there was some discussion about how my site generally is not. He said he will be happy to link back to here so people can check out firstbass’ forced interview.

I originally planned on uploading this video to YouTube but it was over 16 minutes long and they only permit 10 minutes of video — they really need to raise that limit. So instead I uploaded it to which has a much better interface, better video quality, and takes video that is much larger.

Be aware that this video does include less profanity that I’m used to writing but is still NSFW, has been taken in an area with poor acoustics for audio, and was done with my point and shoot camera. That said, I was fairly impressed with the quality of the video/audio but not necessarily my own added content ;) Enjoy:

Thanks to everyone who showed up tonight! I didn’t find any ticks although I wasn’t tromping around off the trail at all and also didn’t find any leeches — did anyone else ;-) I was disappointed to hear that Panino Brothers’ service was slow for Kim (it wasn’t crowded) but it was great to see everyone again and was especially awesome to watch firstbass squirm under the pressure of not only a mic but a camera pointed in his face.

See all the pictures from tonight on Flickr here (camera).