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More Wedding Photos from Keith and Karen

Karen e-mailed Kimmy some of the photos that Keith and Karen took at the wedding.

See them here.

Some Wedding Photos Posted!

It’s been a long week so far but I finally got around to posting some of Aaron’s pictures from the wedding. I’ll be working on submissions from my parents as well and will have those up sometime this week. I’ll keep everyone posted. If you have any pictures you would like to submit please let us know!

See the pictures here. Thanks again Aaron.

Back from Maui!

We have finally returned from Maui. What a gorgeous island and a great time! I have posted all the pictures from the real camera here and as many of you know, the mobile pics are here.


Update (9/19/05): I have completed all the entries for our days spent on Maui. Enjoy the read.


We leave for the honeymoon soon, yay! Pictures from the trip will be posted, as promised, in a seperate section of the gallery. Currently it’s empty, and rather ugly, but I should start taking photos tonight after I get off work — pre-honeymoon prep, yay! I’ll have GPRS service where our hotel is (and most of the island for that matter) so the Mobile Pictures from Hawaii should be regularly updated. Obviously, the camera pics won’t be uploaded until we return.

Both Kim and I would like to thank EVERYONE for coming to the wedding and we hope that you all had a blast :)